LPT: Get a dashcam. It will save you from hit and runs, insurance fraud and you might catch the occasional funny video!

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Rules 1. Do not tell anyone involved, even police, that you have a dash cam. 2. Do not tell anyone involved, even police, that you have a dash cam. 3. Instruct your passengers to not tell anyone you have a dash cam. 4. When you get copies of the police report, then tell insurance company you have video of accident. 5. Let insurance company do their thing.


So so so true. I installed a dashcam with a wired front and rear and front camera (super easy once you know you can just peel the door gaskets away) six months later, my wife was driving, someone punted the car from behind at the lights on a roundabout, and when they agreed to drive to a safer location to exchange details he floor in his car and drove away. Thankfully everything was captured by the rear camera, including him, his license plate, etc. And the insurance was super was pretty quick in sorting out our car. Otherwise we’d be in for several thousand pounds in damages. Theres little excuse not to have them these days, they are cheap, (ours was an aukey worth about 120 quid) and absolutely fantastic. In her panic, my wife didn’t tell him we had a dash cam, so I’m guessing he had a bit of a shock when his insurance called him to say he was in an accident


I was in an accident in which a truck pulling a small trailer attempted a u-turn in the middle of the street and jackknifed the trailer into my path. Then he drove off. It looked a bit like a rear ending because I had driven into the corner of the trailer. The person behind me pulled over and said he had dash cam footage of the incident. He gave it to police. I made my statement. I was told most hit and runs have no resolution. The police reviewed the dash cam footage and wrote a report of it. I never saw the footage, but I received a copy of the police report afterward. The police description of the footage exactly matched my statement at the scene. Then they went to the guy’s house because his license plate had been in the video. He told an outrageous story about how a red car and a white car had both hit him and driven off, and how wronged he had been. Then the officer told him, “We have dash cam footage. Would you like to change your statement?” He had nothing to say after that. He received tickets for fleeing the scene and reckless driving. I bought a dash cam the next day. One day about a year later, I sat at a stop light for eleven seconds before being rear-ended. The dude tried to tell me I had stopped too fast. When I said, “I have a dash cam,” he changed his tune completely and started blubbering a sob story instead. His car was such a low rider it went under my bumper and hit the frame of the car, so there was no damage on my end other than a bent license plate, but his front bumper was a bit smushed. My favorite dash cam video I have recorded so far is of a rope that came loose from a truck in the freeway and stretched out like a 200 foot tail, whipping around, causing a huge gap in traffic because no one wanted near it.


I bought a dashcam but was lazy and didn’t install it for like 2 months (mind you, it is so simple to install) The day after I installed it, a lady ran a stop sign and totaled my car. Shoutout dashcam!