LPT: if you’re attempting to pet a dog you just met for the first time, let the dog come to you.

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Also don’t make direct eye contact. Nervous dogs get intimated by that.


Let em sniff your fist first…not your fingers. Tougher to chomp a fist…


Come across lots of dogs on trails. What works every time is holding out my hand to let them sniff it. After that, the doggo decides whether I can have the privilege of inspecting his/her floofy fur.


When getting my first puppy as an adult, we went to a friends house who’s service dog had a litter of puppies. To “choose”, I sat down in the grass in front of the house the puppies lived in and had our friends opn the door to let the puppies out. They streamed out racing to go play in the field except for one who came straight to me and leaped at me. I have pictures of her with her razor sharp teeth pulling on my cheek and licking me.. I wanted my dog to choose me.