LPT: When buying an appliance purchase one with the longest warranty. They are always the most expensive but companies that offer 10, 15, 20 year warranties are confident in their products quality and longevity. You’ll end up saving money in the long run.

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A good start, but use with a grain of salt. Make sure you READ the warranties you are getting, what they actually cover and do research into what breaks the most in the model you are interested in. A 10/15/20 year warranty on a compressor in a fridge doesn’t mean a thing if the part that breaks on <insert whatever MFG you like here> fridge is the always the ice maker, door hinges, seals, water lines or any other myriad or parts that were only covered for a year. Also look into the expected maintenance for said appliances. Warranties may not cover things like belts in a dryer or a hose inside a washer or the ice maker lever in a fridge. Lastly, while I actually like and support the extended protection plans from Squaretrade and Best Buy for certain things, they usually cap out at 4 or 5 years on an appliance you will likely have for 10/15/20 years. Which isn’t to say not to get them, but weigh those costs against the odds of a major failure in the first 4 years against something small breaking you could pay for our of pocket.


“Sorry sir the 15 years warranty only covers this small screw in the back of your machine. All other parts are at own risk. It says it right here on page 546 section 23C.”


This type of thinking is just good advice in general! Saving money is good, but not at the expense of poor quality. Always buy better quality stuff if you can afford it because it really does save money in the long run!


Either that or they’re confident they won’t exist in a decade and you’ll be screwed.