Man in “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirt during Capitol riot arrested, law enforcement official says

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Have they gotten the motherfucker in the 6MNE shirt? Edit: for anyone wondering, 6MNE stands for “6 million was not enough”. These people are subhuman feces. Edit 2: I guess it was actually “6MWE – 6 million wasn’t enough”. My fault for misremembering the slogan of an actual Nazi on American soil. Also, I think anyone who lacks empathy to such a degree that they think it’s appropriate to use violence against people because of a pigmentation difference or religious disagreement does not classify as human. Screw your virtue signal; I won’t apologize for that.


According the local Sheriff, via ABC News, he has multiple previous DUI and Assault and Battery Charges. Seems on Brand for the people there.


Good. Fuck this guy in particular. Hope he sees a hefty prison sentence.


Yeah, anyone calling for unity can get fucked. I’m not “unifying” with people like this.


What kind of deranged asshat wears a Camp Auschwitz shirt?