Michigan Prosecutor Won’t Pursue Most Marijuana Or Psychedelics Cases, ‘Regardless Of The Amount’

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So if I bring the marijuanas in coke cans from New York, I can recycle them in Michigan?


“Most”, just don’t piss that guy off


Based. We need more prosecutors like this one.


Looking at any drug risks chart explains the decission. Alcohol or Meth? On the top. Weed? Lower then even fucking nicotine and tabak. LSD/DMT/Shrooms? WTF do you mean that you can’t even OD or hurt someone on that?? edit: my way of writing may have confused some people about my standpoint about those drugs. To clarify: Based on the data we have there is no base to prosecute people who use psychadelics like DMT, LSD, Shrooms as the use of these drugs suggests no (in comparison) harm to the user or public. On the other hand drugs like alcohol share the highest risk for the user and the public, which can only be overcome by crystal meth by a very small margin, and only for one of the two damaged groups. Using statistical data as base for rational decissions (duh!) suggest that tabak consumers should be harder prosecuted that weed smokers. The use of alcohol should be as forbidden as crystal meth and psychedelics be more accesible than your classic coughing syrup. Thus creating the weird constellation which law and prosecution has on those drugs.


This is really uplifting, our judiciary system has been marked for a culturally tone deaf lack of self reflection for far too long. Draconian sentences for things that simply don’t track with most people as needing any enforcement at all. Now if we can only address the personal bias in sentencing.