Mothers with multiple children report more fragmented sleep than mothers of a single child, but the number of children in a family doesn’t seem to affect the quality of sleep for fathers.

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It certainly affected my sleep. I wake up faster than my wife most times. Your mileage may vary.


Articles/studies like this are somewhat infuriating. A shockingly small number of participants, and no real effort at considering any number of possible causes/explanations before jumping straight to policy recommendations. Here are some things to look at: 1) Are any of these families practicing cosleeping? 2) Are the father and mother sleeping in the same bed? 3) What are the ages of the children? 4) Are the mothers working or stay-at-home? 5) Do the children express preference for mother or father? 6) At what ages were the children graduated from crib to bed? 7) Until what age were the children breast-fed? I’m not implying examining any of these or other considerations will change the “outcome” of the study, but without considering them, the study is meaningless.


Know what’s pretty cool? Having no kids.


A new saying will be born here “he sleeps like a father”


As a father, I have mastered the art of staying asleep through even intense child screams. Police sirens and fire and fire alarms no longer wake me up. I suspect I’m not the only father to do this.