Native Americans sue Trump administration over Arizona copper project

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FWIW: the suit is about an issue that goes back to the last year of Obama’s Presidency. Shady congresspeople, including AZ congresspeople, snuck a land swap into an Omnibus must-pass Defense Spending bill at literally midnight the day before it was passed. Oak Flat, while important to the San Carlos Apache culturally, is also very important to the natural balance of this part of central AZ. It contains one of the few remaining natural riparian areas in the region, and mining the area will require draining the watershed. Due to water diversions and damns to provide water to the people and industry of AZ, so many of our natural desert creeks, streams, and rivers are now dry, but the Oak Flat area and the watershed that passes through it has avoided it, including via protections dating back to the Eisenhower admin. This area, Oak Flat and Devil’s Canyon, provides necessary natural habitat for birds, game, and endangered native fish. The area is also a popular recreation area for canyoneering, hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking; at only one hour from Phoenix it is a close to home recreation area accessible year-round due to temperate weather. This area is the fucking definition of a space that should be protected. And let’s talk about the land “we” aka the US people got in return in the land swap: a dry river area in a desolate part of AZ. We traded a culturally important, rare natural riparian area, and massively popular outdoor recreation area for… wastelands. I’m glad people are still fighting, but we need Congress to act to overturn this BS because the suit against the Admin won’t undo the Congressionally-authorized land swap. Congress was offered the chance to land swap with Rio Tinto several times during Obama’s Presidency. They always declined. So sneaking it in at literally midnight the day before a must-pass Defense bill was passed was shady as fuck.


After next week, who are they suing? What is the “Trump Administration” once Trump is out of office?


Not surprising. I’m at a consulting firm and have been working on EIS revisions due to litigation for DECADES. I’m legit surprised anything ever gets done. I’d give up as a developer.


This is the same Rio Tinto who destroyed Aboriginal caves in WA and basically said “oops, our bad”.


How do you sue a specific presidential administration?