New Zealand jobs market bounces back close to pre-pandemic levels

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US jobs market bounces back to pre-pandemic level…. 13th January 2030


“New Zealand closed its borders to international visitors in March of 2020, leading to a shortage of foreign workers in many industries.” Plus, NZ is a much smaller, more homogenized country of 5M people. It’s easier to turn a smaller, lighter ‘economic ship’. I’m very glad to see it, but can’t wait for the inevitable “see, they responded so much better than us” commentary. It’s just, not that simple.


Nice work NZ! You have all earned the right to look smug.


Basically accepted that the UK does not hold a future for me anymore. There are simply no jobs.


So there’s a quicker economic turnaround when there is a united coordinated thoughtful approach to a crisis. Interesting.