Panic buttons were inexplicably torn out ahead of Capitol riots, says Alyssa Pressley chief of staff

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It sure is starting to look, smell, and sound like a coup eh? Reconnaissance tours, disarming panic buttons, purposefully lax security, denying requests for assistance and backup. If I was a smart person I would say some elected officials in the house may have had a hand in planning this assault on our democracy


This story needs to be higher priority, the details are terrifying. Pressley didn’t know if she could trust the cops who were escorting her during the attack.


This has inside job written all over it


Healing begins with accountability.


Not only is this terrifying, but this also explains why the National Guard is literally sleeping in the Capitol. Although there was clearly a portion of the mob who showed up for a rally and accidently got themselves caught up in an insurrection, it is becoming clear that all of that may have just been cover for an actual planned and coordinated coup attempt.