Programmer has two guesses left to access $240m bitcoin wallet

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Couldn’t he take a snapshot of his unencrypted hardrive in case he guesses incorrect 2 more times?


Maybe he’d be better off trying to sell it on the market to someone who thinks they could crack the encryption, or just wants to wait for better data-retrieval techniques to come along? Yeah, it would suck to lose that much money, but I bet he could probably still get a few million from someone willing to make that gamble. And that’s a whole lot better than nothing.


I lost 50 to MTGOX and about the same in a house fire a couple of months later. I couldn’t imagine what this guy feels. He lost a lot more than me but also stands a chance to recover. Then again, that could drive you bonkers. I’d definitely seek out consultants on alternative avenues than making those last 2 guesses though. I hope he figures it out. I remember when they first broke 10k and again when they hit 20k. Those were bad days.


Article shows a tweet from a Stanford Professor who claims he could crack it for 10%. He should take that deal…


This shit is the reason why I’m not so bullish on BTC. Like wtf. This shouldn’t happen.