Rep. Watson Coleman: I’m 75. I had cancer. I got covid-19 because my GOP colleagues dismiss facts.

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Rep. Watson Coleman is certainly entitled to every bit of her anger and more. Wishing her a speedy and full recovery from a potentially lethal disease inflicted on her by irresponsible, immoral Republican colleagues. >Over the past day, a lot of people have asked me how I feel. They are usually referring to my covid-19 diagnosis and my symptoms. I feel like I have a mild cold. But even more than that, I am angry. >**I am angry that after I spent months carefully isolating myself, a single chaotic day likely got me sick. I am angry that several of our nation’s leaders were unwilling to deal with the small annoyance of a mask for a few hours. I am angry that the attack on the Capitol and my subsequent illness have the same cause: my Republican colleagues’ inability to accept facts.**


The GOP platform has little to no room for facts and I don’t feel that I’m being even slightly hyperbolic about it. It’s really difficult for me to when we still have Republicans partying it up on NYE despite covid still being rampant and there being over 126 GOP who tried to overturn the election results for states they don’t live within despite having zero proof. The general respond to covid: *~~IT’S NOT REAL!~~* *IT’S ONLY A 1% MORTALITY RATE!* Biden winning the election: *THOSE VOTERS MUST BE FRAUDULENT!* Violence broke out at the Capitol: *THOSE ARE ANTIFA AND BLM THUGS IN DISGUISE!* Edit: spelling


Republicans proving themselves a grave threat to national public health and safety. Hope this poor woman pulls through despite the idiocy of her GOP colleagues. If not, charges for manslaughter should be brought due to their reckless disregard for her, and everyone else who they were around’s, safety.


I firmly believe, heaven forbid, if anyone of these Representatives loses their life or even suffers lasting health damages to COVID-19 contracted from last weeks attack, they should be able to bring criminal charges against their coworkers who needlessly exposed them to risk by refusing to wear masks, despite being offered them. It’s not like there’s any shortage of evidence.


The Republican position: Covid: “It’s not real, where’s the evidence.” Climate change: “It’s not real, where’s the evidence.” Racism and police brutality: “It’s not real, where’s the evidence.” Trump’s horseshit about election fraud, antifa, etc. : “It’s a known fact, do your research.” Deliberately evil? Or just so dumb they can’t help it? How ’bout c.) a. and b.