The salary for the job I interviewed for is twice what I’m making, but the employer told me I may be “overqualified” for the gig. Feeling weird and underpaid, how to negotiate my worth?

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Maybe apply at other places too. If she thinks you’re over qualified, maybe you’re undervaluing yourself and need to apply for jobs with more required experience and higher salary margins. You should look up cost of living calculators to move to different cities. This could be a huge factor. For example, if a job in San Francisco offers 100k, that could actually be less than what your current standard of living is for 54k in the city you live in because it’s so expensive to live there. They have some really good websites that compare what you make now and what you would need to make to live in xyz city. It’ll give you more exact values than what you already have


She’s worried you’re going to take the job, relocate (maybe on their dime) and then move on since your experience levels and skill are probably worth more than their salary range in Boston.


Ask for $120k hope they come back with anything over $100k and you did well. My current position originally offered me $95k. I told them I was making $140k in my current role but would be willing to take a cut but not that big. Two days later they offered $115k with guaranteed yearly raises. I was surprised as I thought I wouldn’t hear back.


General rule of thumb: if you don’t feel a little silly when making an initial salary request during an offer negotiation you probably asked for too little.


Would you mind sharing the new city? $80-100k might not be much depending on where this new job is located