TIL about Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, a hotel that has been running for over 1300 years, ever since it began in 705. It has been ran over 52 generations by the same family, which still operates it today.

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A lot of the “one family” businesses in Japan keep their streak alive by ‘adopting’ grown adults to become CEOs.


I always felt that the weight of history pressing down on you when it comes to running a company that old would be soul-sucking. Before this place, the oldest company in the world was Kongō Gumi, a Japanese construction firm that specialised in building Buddhist temples and other monuments. The company was liquidated in 2006 and lost its title under Masakazu Kongō*,* its 50th CEO to hold the name. Imagine how proud you would be to inherit such an extensive business tradition, and imagine the pure despair at being the one who has to cast it away.


> In 2011, the hotel was recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest hotel in the world.[2][3] I wonder if some other hotel has overtaken it since 2011.


Their Yelp reviews from 1467 – 1675 were really bad


Added to my list of “places I hope to visit once the plague is over”. Thanks for sharing ^-^