‘Too little, too late’: Extremism experts criticize payment companies

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Right, and how exactly should payment companies identify extremism and hate groups? Should every payment processor have an entire judicial system that can accuse and deem someone guilty while ensuring fair trial and giving the defendant a chance to refute the accusations? Or should they simply defer to judgement of their favorite “extremism expert” group? I get that the judicial system in US is deeply dysfunctional, especially when it gets to issues like hate groups, but how can anyone seriously think that trusting and demanding private companies to perform these duties instead will make anything better by any measure?


It’s not the payment companies responsibility to hold other people accountable for what they are using their money for….


Wait until the domestic terrorism convictions start. Banks and credit card companies, by law, can not do business with terrorists, domestic or otherwise. No mortgages, car loans, etc. Trump supporters will be walking cash to the utility companies to pay their electric bills.


Great… Now your only method of conducting transactions will be determined by your political views. Does anyone else think this is a little dystopian? Payment processors are the new legal tender and having them control who can use their platform seems wrong. This is not akin to the baker case. Being able to pay is necessary for life in america.


So now they are judge jury executioner as to who did what. Who incited the whole summer of riots and fires? And no, I’m not a Trump supporter.