Turkey drought: Istanbul could run out of water in 45 days

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I wonder how many days will be knocked off this estimate when people start panicking and hoarding water in any available container.


This is the problem with humans. We go so far in our own greed for economic growth that we forget we still have to live in the same area. They knew it was coming for decades but they didn’t do anything. Edit: Just to clarify not hating on this country or anything. It was a general statement. Really hope you guys find a solution to this. Love from India <3


Disastrous government management aside, y’all know that it used to snow like crazy in Istanbul right? This is the second year without snow, the first with absolute zero snow EVER. It used to snow up our ankles and knees…


Nothing worse than a dry turkey


I bet the Turkish baths are getting pretty damn gamey right now.