Two men are fishing one day, when the game warden approaches them and asked to see their fishing licenses.

One man takes off running at a full sprint, and instinctively the warden chases after him. He chased the man over a hill and through a field, around the lake, and through the town, until finally he catches up with him. “Aha! Gotcha! Now show me your fishing license!” “Sure thing, sir!” So the man calmly pulls out his wallet and hands his license to the warden. After confirming it was a valid license, the warden asked the man, “If you had your license, why the hell did you run away from me?” “Well, you see . . . My buddy, back there, didn’t have his license . . .”

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I want a friend like that


A variation of that joke was actually told to me by a game warden.


And then both friends get arrested and can probably never hunt or fish again cause game wardens/conservation officers often have as much if not more power than police officers!


Haven’t seen a wholesome joke in a while 🙂


Billy T did this exact skit year’s ago