Wanted to remind people that the IRS has a free filing option

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You can also just download the forms for free, follow the basic instructions, and mail them in. If you just have a basic w-2 and not a lot of deductions to consider it’s a pretty straight forward process.


Is that the income based one? If so, freetax USA is pretty great, $20 for complicated federal and state returns


Freetaxusa.com, IRS-recommended filing site, been using them for almost a decade and they are great.


I think it was actually Jan 10 last year. So I’m guessing it will reopen Jan 15 this year, given their propensity to open it on Fridays. It’s a shame H&R Block is no longer part of the program this year. They, unlike most of the other big names, allowed people up to the full Free File max to file for free, and they offered free filing for all states as well. I’ll need to see what options remain. Would prefer not having to pay for taxes, but I also don’t want to have to do my state filings by mail.


Thank you for this…always shocked by the number of people in my life actually paying $50-$100 to file their taxes when you can do it for free (or much cheaper). I don’t think I’ve ever paid to file my taxes and I’ve never had any problem.