German court: Amazon must divulge origin of fruit, produce

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Pretty standard practice for the industry, although that information doesn’t always make it down to the consumer level.


> In his ruling, Presiding Judge Andreas Mueller said that according to European Union regulations, consumers had to be given specific details on the country of origin of food Guess the new ruling will get the site some clicks, but any other outcome would’ve been a huge surprise. Which is why this shouldn’t come as a surprise, either: > Amazon told the court it had already adjusted its practices after the initial ruling last year.


“Durian; country of origin is NOPE.”


Anyone finding harder and harder to find quality electrical goods on amazon? I used to get great cables, electrical extensions, desks. Both branded and unbranded stuff. Now hardly any of the brands are known. All the desks are compressed sawdust. The reviews indicate broken faulty or even fire risk from some of the items. You try to return items and you’re told keep it, we will give you money off. You refuse and they’re okay, send it back but it can get lost returning to the factory (which is in china) we can’t refund until we receive it, then… you never get any money back but since its £14 you just give up. Meanwhile amazon closed your return window and they don’t care either. Anyway it used to be better, now its worse than alibaba I find. Even when I ordered a ps4 it arrived broken.


It is rather wild to think they did not need to before.