UK Supreme Court rules that Uber drivers are considered workers, eligible for holiday pay and minimum wage

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A good move I would say. They have been extremely exploitative in their practices and should be subject to proper employment law.


Anybody more economically savvy than I am, what are the realistic consequences of this decision? Will Uber start to pull out of the UK? Or is this a win that will get the ball rolling on workers’ rights worldwide?


Good. To the people who are somehow seeing this as a bad thing, if Uber can’t survive in places where it can’t exploit people, it doesn’t deserve to exist.


Uber made google take down a chrome extension called “Uber cheats” because uber uses wage theft practices, taking money from your tips here and there. The app supposedly helps you detect discrepancies.


You mean the people who work for and get paid by a company are also that companies workers? Sounds weird but okay. /s