Simple/Short/Silly Questions Saturday, February 20, 2021

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How did women tie their hair in those fancy elaborate hairstyles before the invention of hair elastics or hairspray? Was there another substance they used as hairspray?


What are your favorite technologies that showed up faster/slower than you would expect? Eg: Gunpowder was around for a long time before humans invented guns, or Lovelace inventing programming before we had computers to program.


To my understanding, tattoos were not a common practice in Europe during the Medieval period. Let’s say it is the year 900 and I want to get a tattoo. What part of the world need I be living in, what style(s) might be available, and what would be the tools to administer the tattoo?


I have seen some memes that say that the portuguese went to the Berlin conference with the treaty of Tordesilhas. Can someone clarify with any source if this is true or just a joke?


When did things start being recorded for historic purposes (we want people to know this in the future), instead of just day-to-day life situations (how many loaves of bread were baked today).