401k plan from previous employer shows $0 balance. Was laid-off in June 2020. Should have ~$29k in it.

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Money cannot be forced out of the plan if you have a vested balance of $5,000 or more in the plan. The employer could have terminated the plan. This would close all accounts and if you did not respond to their attempt to contact you, then that would have meant they rolled it over to an IRA in your name. It is more likely that they changed investment providers from Voya to something else, and your money was transferred along with it. You will need to contact the prior employer and speak with the plan administrator about what happened.


Also check with the states unclaimed money department ( I can’t think of what it’s called ) your company may have turned it over to them and you may have other money there too. It’s pretty easy to Google it and check online.


My own personal rule has been to always move 401k funds from the employer’s plan to an account that you control ASAP whenever you leave an employer. There are posts on here almost every week where someone has a problem months, or even years after leaving money in a former employer’s plan. Opening a 401k rollover account and transferring your funds to Vanguard, Fidelity or any one many others is extremely easy and the best way to know that you money is more secure in your control.


I would call Voya or your previous company’s HR department. It could be you have a check for the balance headed your way. We’re you 100% vested in the plan?


The money is still there, it is just being serviced by a different company. Same thing has happened to me. Call them and ask who is servicing that 401k now.