AOC doubled her fundraising total for Texas storm victims to $4 million, as she joined fellow lawmakers in Houston to continue relief efforts

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Hell, I donated all the way from Iceland. Edit: Thank you wonderful people for the awards and kind comments! I’m reading through the comments and some of your stories are making me emotional. My heart goes out to you all and for all those suffering in Texas.


Meanwhile, Ted Cruz has gained $4m in campaign funds and personal wealth, by backing companies and profiting from this terrible situation.


It’s worth a reminder that AOC is and has always been an activist first, who was able to make moves to be elected to Congress by her district. She has consistently shown up to advocate for those who need a voice, assist those who need care and HELP those who can’t provide for themselves, long before she saw the inside of the house chamber. This is literally WHY her district voted her in. Because she talks the talk and walks the walk to back it up and she doesn’t just act like she only works for her own constituents. She’s an elected official in the federal government and she understands that her work and her votes have implications for the entire population of the United States. You can all stop saying she’s doing a good thing but that it’s only for political favor in the same breath. It absolutely looks good, *because it is good* and the fact that some of you continually seek to diminish the fact of what she’s doing is just an admission that you support/oppose politicians instead of their actions. I mean, *IF ONLY ALL POLITICIANS CAMPAIGNED LIKE THIS AND SPENT THEIR TIME AND POLITICAL DONATIONS LIKE THIS INSTEAD OF ON ATTACK ADS, HOW MUCH BETTER OFF WOULD WE BE?*


Meanwhile the talking c*nts over on Fox News are blaming her and her Green New Deal for this disaster.


You go, girl. Show those GQP lawmen how shitty they are.