From a Christian minister in Austin, TX

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Regardless of religious affiliation, I am glad so many people came together in the spirit of helping others in this time of need.


I appreciate your acknowledgement of their help to you and your understanding that not believing in God doesn’t mean not believing in doing what’s right! And congrats on your success. If we may humbly request that you essentially spread the word when you hear someone bash atheists, I think it would go a long way towards sowing love and kind, peaceful discourse between theists and athiests.


I appreciate you saying that. Thank you for helping those who are unfortunate and have a great day


Thank you, but I can’t take any real credit. The atheist community of Austin is well known for being a major purveyor of charity of all kinds. but since you’re in austin, I suggest you stop by the Austin free thought library, run by the ACA, once things start clearing up in your state. I’ll bet you my next paycheck that those are the guys who did most of the leg work for y’all. Really, one of the hardest things about being an atheist is accepting the responsibility. Nobody is going to fix our problems for us. No Mana from heaven, no guiding angels, no pillars of smoke. if we, as people, have a problem? Then we, as people, need to be the ones that fix it. If there is anything that the rest of us who don’t live in Texas can do to help, please let us know. I’m next door in Louisiana, but if you have a way of receiving shipments of any kind I could probably talk to a couple of food banks that I used to volunteer at around here and see if we can send some Sterno and canned goods y’all’s way.


> Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you have to be a Christian to be altruistic. The only people who ever say this are Christians. I’m glad you’re not one of them, and I hope you shut down any of your congregation next time any of them start shitting on non-believers.