Hallucinogen Honey Hunters (2013) – In spring’s honey in Nepal’s mountain contains a rare substance called grayanotoxin from rhododendron flowers that’s known for its intoxicating effects. It is used as aphrodisiac, powerful medicine, and a hallucinogen. [00:26:38]

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There’s a weird mythology around “hallucinogenic mad honey” as a natural psychedelic. It’s a far cry from psilocybin and ayahuasca. grayanotoxin is just poison. It’s neurotoxic, and has powerful cardiovascular effects that can easily be lethal. And it causes vomiting, drooling, convulsions too. Its range sounds like “very unpleasant” to “deadly”, and you’d probably be better off sticking to huffing paint. It’s not really “a rare substance”. grayanotoxin would be readily available in large quantity from the rhododendron plant it comes from. Some people do ingest rhododendron tea in a more dilute form as a medicinal, but it doesn’t seem to have desirable window somewhere between mild effects and really sick/lethal. I’m curious. Grayanotoxin is not a single chemical but a class of chemicals. Do the bees concentrate a specific one that is safer and has more desirable effects, or metabolize it into something better? If it were, it would be interesting because you could probably create it much more reliably, purer, and in quantity by doing chemistry on rhododendron extracts in a lab. But I can’t find any evidence that “mad honey” is anything but the same stuff you’d get from making a lot of tea straight from rhododendrons- which is generally pretty awful from the sound of it. Not really a drug, just poison.


Sheesh. It’s not “rare”. It’s what happens in ANY hive if you’re an idiot and give them nothing but rhododendrons to gather nectar from. The ancient Greeks used it as a weapon. And yup, it IS a neurotoxin, and it’s just plain dangerous.


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