In 2009, Colorado began offering teens free IUD’s without parental consent. Teen pregnancy fell by 54%. Teen abortions fell by 64%. For every $1 spent on the program, CO saved nearly $6 on labor & delivery, child care & food stamps. This is how to reduce abortions. Pro life voters should take note.

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They aren’t “prolife”. They are pro-control.


If reducing abortions means more sex education and free contraceptives, the so called “pro life” movement would be opposed because sex outside marriage is “wrong”. Their position is: don’t educate about sex, don’t provide contraceptives, just tell the kids not to have it and if they do get pregnant, their punishment for sinning is to be forced to bring the pregnancy to term.


They should make that IUD look a little more like a cross. Then maybe pro-lifers would support its use.


If only MAGAts did facts!


BuT tHe KiDs WiLl HaVe SeX!!!