Ocasio-Cortez Fundraising Drive For Texas Relief Raises $4 Million

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Holy crap, every time I look at this it’s another million bucks. She was going for 1M the first night and made that in 4 hours. Crazy!


You know… *you just know*… there are conservatives getting angrier and angrier the more money she raises to help Texans. “Stop helping Americans! *You’re making us look bad*!”


Ted Cruz should’ve just stayed in Cancun, we really don’t need him.


Congresswoman from other state does more to help yours while you are busy on vacation, having conveniently left your poodle “Snowflake” behind. lord the irony


Time to turn Texas blue. Ted is such a snowflake. Mexico should deny entry to all of the GOP enablers who separated kids from their parents and helped Mango Mussolini.