Texas officials are investigating outrageous energy bills in storm price surge

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I mean it worked as intended. The powers to be thought $1200 was too low per mega watt so they passed raising it to the max $9000. People who were enjoying paying wholesale rates under Griddy plans suddenly understood wholesale isn’t a euphemism and had that “you only pay what we pay and not a cent more “ passed to them.


What is there to investigate? The officials *knew* this would happen, because it was designed to be this way. They looked the other way time and time again. The fake outrage from Abbott is fucking disgusting. Especially since he’s lining his pockets and eating out of their trough. I don’t know man, I’m just sick to death of this shit.


I don’t understand. Wasn’t it the free market that decided the cost? How are you going to disagree with God?


“Why’d you raise energy prices 10,000% during the worst winter storm in Texas history?” “I like money.” “OK. Case dismissed.”


Can someone explain to me how people are already receiving bills for electricity used in the last week? I mean the storm literally just happened. Yet people are already being billed for it. Makes zero sense to me