Valve is fighting to stop Apple from demanding troves of information as part of its fight with ‘Fortnite’ maker Epic Games

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> Valve is fighting Not really, Valve is just pointing out how stupid Apple’s request is and refusing, like they should. Makes sense too since Valve has nothing to do with it. Apple doesn’t need all the info they are asking for, they are just trying to use this opportunity to get a look behind the scenes from what I can see. Good on Valve for telling them to go pound sand.


>Valve is not directly involved in the legal fight between the two companies. Apple said it is asking for documents showing Valve’s yearly sales and revenues as well as information about each app on Steam, including its pricing, as a way of gaining an understanding of the market Epic Games operates in. Yea, fuck off. >Apple complains in its letter that Valve has resisted complying with some of its requests for information, and that when it has handed over information it’s been heavily redacted. Because Valve isn’t involved in the lawsuit and that information is confidential. >Apple argues that Valve should be compelled to offer the information because Samsung complied with similar requests. Samsung didn’t have to hand over the info, they *chose* to. One company agreeing to hand over info doesn’t suddenly mean a second company needs to. Especially when neither of them are involved with the lawsuit at hand. Apple has no standing to request that information so I fully expect a judge to nicely tell them to get bent.


I can’t see how Valve is relevant here in Apple’s favor. Valve sells PC, Mac, and Linux games and does not control Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. Valve does not restrict Windows, Mac, or Linux users from buying or installing apps from other places – Apple does on iOS, which is Epic’s complaint.


In this Epic v Apple, Apple seems to have better case; however these requests against Valve seems so absurd that will affect people’s opinions towards Apple for the worse.


Valve doesn’t sell mobile games and Fortnite is not on Steam. This is for Apple’s own gain to get into the gaming industry. Apple is just being greedy as fuck.