Aurora Police did not have basis to stop, frisk or restrain Elijah McClain, investigation finds

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Yes we know this. Now please prosecute them.


This was police murder and no one is being held accountable. The bottom line is that a totally innocent man just walking home from the store is assaulted by 3 cops and ends up dead. There was not even any crime involved – just a call of a “suspicious” man wearing a ski cap. Is it a capital offense to wear a ski cap? Why did these 3 cops lay their hand on him in the first place? Plus they talk of resisting. Elijah McClain was 140 pounds and 3 cops could not handle him? Plus the idiotic paramedic injected him with a tranquilizer for a 250 man – that paramedic is a moron. The Aurora police has had other incidents. Something is seriously wrong with the police and DA in Aurora, Colorado.


“At one point, one officer tells another, “He just grabbed your gun, dude.” They were looking for an excuse to execute him. Turns out they didn’t even bother to find one.


They stole this young man’s life. I get a pit in my stomach thinking how scared he was in his final moments. I’m getting teary just thinking about it.


And then they sent cops in riot gear to terrorize a peaceful violin vigil in his memory. Didn’t have that same energy for the Capitol Rioters. Interesting, that.