Blue-Collar Jobs Boom as Covid-19 Boosts Housing, E-Commerce Demand

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Misleading headlines should instead read “Employee demand rises past projected quarantine safety limits. Short-term speculation abounds.”


I wonder how real estate prices will change with moving job markets and climate change. Could Detroit for example have a surge in jobs and advanced tech 10 years from now? Could coastal flooding turn some areas barren and others into new beachfront property? Hard to predict it all with so many variables and ecology being a complex connected thing


Yea, I remember me pappy and his pappy putting on their hard hats and heading down to the old e-commerce mines


Housing boom in Florida and worthless real estate in New York and elsewhere.


Cant speak for the rest of the country, but there is an absolutely stupid amount of demand for skilled construction workers in California, mostly in LA. Combination of the Olympics ramping up, expansions of trains, the housing boom, and a significant portion of boomer welders retiring en masse. Some of these guys are making well over six figures, but they are working 7 days a week at $75-150/hour. Its nuts.