I’ve received more kindness from atheists than my own family.

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> My father made 16 year old me marry the 25 year old rapist who impregnated me. He was a boxer… he gave the abortion I needed, with his fucking fists. I hate using this phrase, but the only one I can think of right now is- Dear god…


I can’t imagine the strength it took to overcome your pain. I’m glad there is justice in the world and you now have the love that you always deserved.


So glad to hear that you’re free of that torturous life and free from religion! Welcome, my sister in Humanity 🙂


I used to think that “Blood is thicker than water” used to mean family above all. But that isn’t what it means. The original line is “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb” meaning that sometimes the ties and relationships you make along the way are the family you want to have and not the one you were born into. Take care, op. Your post broke my fucking heart. I hope you’re doing okay now. If you haven’t already, please consider therapy.


A friend of mine had his house burn down as a teenager. He had to jump out of his bedroom window. His church did absolutey nothing, but friends immediately offered him somewhere to stay so he had the choice of that instead of the hotel, and also got him some clothes to tide him over, then went out shopping to replace stuff with the insurance money. It was such a moment of ‘what is the use of a prayer, I have only the clothes I jumped out the window in?’ Some religions might be better in a crisis, but look at the hoarding in sects like Mormonism, Catholicism etc. Most are just money hoarders and refuse to offer any practical help at all.