LPT: If you’re at a hotel and have to call 911, call from the hotel phone. The front desk is immediately alerted of your emergency call and will also check in on you to make sure things are ok. Source: I used to work in hotels.

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My initial reaction to this was “where else would you call from?” And that was the very moment I became old.


Former 911 dispatcher: not all hotels have the front desk alerted and many just show as the main number for the hotel. This means that unless someone gives a room number, it’s a hunt for the right spot.


Another tip – if the hotel is also a casino they probably have medical staff on site. If you call 911 from the hotel phone it will also dispatch the on-site medical team for a much faster response than the local fire department/ambulance company. Source: I’m an EMT for a casino with a hotel.


Good to know if the hotel staff is ever trying to murder me, don’t use hotel phone