Megathread: SCOTUS Rejects Attempts by Trump to Shield Tax Records from New York Prosecutors

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Super rich but can’t see his taxes. Super smart but can’t see his grades. Super not guilty but everyone associated with him is a criminal. Guys I think this Trump guy might be full of shit.


Another big loss for Trump. Just don’t get the Trump thing. He’s a huge loser. He’s always been a loser. Everything he’s ever touched he’s failed at or fucked up. Why do people follow him again?


Hope this is a sign that they are looking to slam the Hammer down on trump: > The ruling comes three days after The New York Times reported that Vance’s office had retained a former federal prosecutor, Mark Pomerantz, who has extensive experience handling white-collar fraud cases, to work on the Trump investigation.


Ridiculous that it even took this long. Conservatives on the Court did him a huge favor in their first ruling by adding the caveat that he could appeal again on different grounds, allowing the case to work its way through the appellate process all over again, and stop voters from seeing them. Better late than never I guess. But the main goal was achieved, delay until after the election


Rushed a judge to the Supreme court. Got covid from the event Court refuses to turn election over. Court rejects shield attempt on taxes. Donnie continues to prove he just can’t win for nothing.