New Jersey governor signs laws to set up marijuana market

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Bout time. Now we just need to get them to allow home cultivation and I’ll be content…


Please, please read the letter posted by the NJ State Police in response. They sound like petulant children who just had their toys taken away. They’re pissed they can’t use the smell of marijuana to initiate contact with someone ‘because we could be charged with a Crime 3rd degree a civil rights violation. They’re butthurt, like seriously acting like losing the right to use ‘odor of marijuana’ as reasonable articulable’ suspicion to search a vehicle or even approach a person/persons is the worst thing ever. Forget about probable cause, RAS is usually the reason for PC. (Public smoking is not legal and the text covers that, then they can approach based on you being in public.)


New Jersey is the 14th U.S. state to legalize marijuana and the 17th U.S. jurisdiction overall (including D.C., Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands). This law was supposed to take effect January 1, but the governor refused to sign the regulation and decriminalization bills because of the lack of penalties for under-21s caught with weed. A “cleanup bill” establishing written warnings for minors caught with alcohol and weed and $50 fines for 18-20 year olds was finally enough to get his signature. The penalties were originally harsher, but the black and latinx caucuses fought to lower them because they believed police would use harsh penalties to unfairly target minorities (thus defeating the purpose of legalization).


Hopefully PA gets their shit together and legalizes it. Shame the GOP runs legislator and has been stonewalling legalization. The state is going to miss out on tons of revenue. Can’t wait to see how many dispensaries open up on the state boarders.


How soon until stores are up & running???