New plant-based plastics can be chemically recycled with near-perfect efficiency

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You mean like Hemp. The one thing that would actually help the environment, but Politicians are too busy trying to demonize it.


Ok, what’s the catch?


Good now replace all the bad plastic before we drown the oceans in toxic crap. The planet is on a catastrophic collision course – our environments are collapsing, animals and plants life dying at an unprecedented rate. Start getting these awesome technologies out front and centre and force companies to create fully recyclable products. Theres no reason to create plastic garbage that you use for five seconds then toss into a toxic waste dump to fester for the rest of eternity.


I cant speak to this. But I do work with textiles. A lot of the products we sell are polyester (also crude oil based). More and more people are looking for recycled polyester for the sustainable marketing story – when in all reality, recycled polyester has a larger carbon footprint than virgin polyester.


Isn’t all plastic technically plant based?