People that unmute during zoom meetings just so the facilitator can hear a laugh at their jokes are the kindest souls.

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I’ll never forget the professor whose smile I saw for the first time after I unmuted to giggle at a joke she made— made my whole day


People who answer/chat with the teacher carry the entire class


That’s 100% credit to them. I feel the attention Zoom gives by panning the screen to me though makes me too introverted to try.


I’ve played a lot of online games for quite some time, and when I first started, it felt really weird to unmute for things like laughing at jokes. It’s extra effort to go through a natural reaction I’ve been doing since I was born, it was just awkward. Eventually I came to realize that I’m doing it for the other people on the call, because that natural laughter feels so much better to hear than silence for a few seconds followed by “oh man, that was so funny”. And now it IS natural for me, and it’s great to share those moments with people. Tl;dr – You should also unmute to laugh, it doesn’t feel awkward for long and makes everyone feel good, including you.


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