Roblox IPO set for March 10

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Direct listing, $29.5B valuation, $45/share initial listing. Won’t stay there long enough to get that price before the institutions buy it up.


Roblox looks like a great company but with the current valuation of $30 billion, and a high likelihood that the price per share will spike instantly once the gates open, I doubt that there will be profits for most people to be made the first day. It will likely go up by the double digits the first second and turn most people off IMO. EA at $40 billion, Nintendo at $75 billion, Activision Blizard at $74 billion, and Sony at $137 billion. I can’t see them surpassing Sony but the other companies should be possible. They will probably face some regulation problems sometimes in the future. The way EA had problems with the EU about loot boxes in FIFA. You have to wonder how ethical/sustainable it is to have a business model based on ripping off children, in a time were does things have an ever increased focus.


If this has the staying power of Minecraft then I’m buying for the long run


Is this peak bubble?


For a direct to market ipo like this, will shares be available to trade pre-market on day of ipo or will they start at the official market open?