Ted Cruz invited his college roommate on the Mexico trip he blamed on his daughters

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Ted Cruz inspired and egged on an insurrection, and this is a bigger hit against his career. Fuck him and our nation’s political mindset


Is this the roommate who talked on Twitter about how everyone hated Cruz and how Ted was addicted to masterbation?


Come on, you children don’t plan your vacations? My 4 year old booked us a trip to Aruba a few months ago. At first I was mad. But when I realized the tickets were not refundable I had to go. It ended up being a good trip. He’s talking about Europe in the spring! Can’t wAit!


Trump insulted Cruz’s wife’s looks and said his father helped kill JFK. Cruz did nothing. Now he throws his daughters under the bus and leaves his dog in a supposedly freezing house. Is there any member of his family he hasn’t shat on?


“He was just gonna stay there for a night. Every regular person needs multiple suitcases and a friend for a night getaway”