Texas Women’s shelter loses roof and essential services– Prince Harry and Meghan step in to replace it and cover operations

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Heartwarming: Capitalism fails and members of a foreign royal family have to intervene! /s


Probably in the category of “Who really cares?” – but – why are they always referred to as “Prince Harry and Meghan” or “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?” Why not “Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan?” I could understand if someone wrote, “Harry and Meghan” but not using her title almost seems like a slight or a direct slam to remind her that she is, after all, just a commoner. On the other hand, those royal titles are all pretty confusing. Sussex? Mountbatten-Windsor? Mr and Mrs Mountbatten-Windsor? Harry and Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor?


The Queen probably gave a right sour expression when she learned for their benevolence towards the common folk.


These two saved the royal family. First by deflecting attention from Prince Andrew and Epstein scandal. Second, by being a new target for the racist mob, and garnering goodwill for the previously deeply unpopular, Kate Middleton.


The world is love