Texas women’s shelter loses roof and essential supplies in storm— Prince Harry and Meghan step in to replace it

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Can’t help but feel like the two of them aren’t big enough to serve as a roof.


I had the thought that our politicians are starting to behave like the untouchable Barons of England’s history. Ironic that former English royalty should step in to help… Texas of all places.


Most of the local politicians refuse to do anything but go on Mexican vacations or complain about windmills. Out of state politicians and civilians are doing the jobs of elected officials. It’s pretty clear who are the villains and who are the heroes.


Is no one touching on the fact that Texas is a state, in the United States…. I feel like there’s an add on TVs across the world where the theme is that for just 1.99 you can support this American.


And next year Texans will still vote republican across the board smh