The Mormon Church teaches that it alone holds the keys that allow someone to be with their family in the afterlife. This is one of the single greatest examples of manipulation & psychological abuse via doctrine. If a church has to hold families hostage to keep people in line, it’s a fucking cult.

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Celestial Hostage Taking. Period. This is why they give priesthood to every father, because you need to be paying tithing to bless, baptize, confirm, and ordain children for nearly 20 years. After that, you’ve been entrapped long enough that you don’t want to quit faking.


I invite you to search “when Stephen fry got kicked out of salt lake city” Spoilers: when told, as part of a tourist group, that it is preached that after death you’re reunited with all our family,he asked “but what if you’ve been good.?” 300 upvotes? I’m basking in Stephen fry’s reflected glory here. For it is written :a facility for quotation merely belies a lack of original thought. : Dorothy L. Sayers


Exmo here and can confirm this is the doctrine though they are more delicate in the delivery. Ultimately, yes, that’s the message. I also acknowledge that emotional abuse and manipulation is prevalent to one degree or another in most (if not all) theistic belief structures. It’s always about controlling others.


Well pretty much all abrahamic religions use mental and sometimes even physical abuse to control people, free thinking individuals are dangerous to this cult.


If a church runs a state, it’s a fucking well organized cult