TIL that playing action video games can train the mind to make the right decisions faster. Video game players can develop a heightened sensitivity to what is going on around them, such as everyday activities like driving, reading small print, or navigating around town.

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Also, now I can’t drive by radio towers without scanning the middle and top for snipers


Back in highschool in my biology class we did tests for our reaction speed and hand/eye coordination. I smoked everyone in it. Teacher asked me if I knew how I got such great results. Before I could answer, a friend yelled out “cuz all he does is play videogames”. She paused and said “yeah, that’d probably do it.”


Anytime I see this stated, all I can think about is the period in my life when I played Skyrim non-stop for a few months. I was walking somewhere and saw some small metal tool on the ground and picked it up and stuck it in my pocket. While that in and of itself was a non-event, the fact that I had a serious internal debate about how to open up my inventory screen to see it, still sticks with me to this day


Too bad all the in game exercise I do doesn’t automatically translate to reality


A serious fps gamer was a subject for a research study. They flashed images in succession; the brain was supposed to be too busy processing the first one to see the second. I got 90%+ right. Whoops.