Tricking the novel coronavirus with a fake “handshake”: Scientists have found a way to trick the novel coronavirus into binding with a protein fragment that resembles a friendly receptor, effectively inactivating SARS-CoV-2 before it can infect a cell.

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It’s always good to find some positive progress. I can’t see in here though a timescale for applying this therapeutic approach in people. How long is it likely to be until this can be used for real?


My concern with this method is that those friendly receptors exist because something is supposed to use them. If you create a drug that tricks the virus into binding with it first, how do you prevent also tricking whatever is supposed to be using said receptor?


Didn’t get the opportunity to go to college but science absolutely fascinates me and I love it. It’s very cool to see the various method being used to fight the virus.


So like how cyanide works, but for covid.


Can someone ELI5 please?