UK bans Boeing 777 planes with same engine that blew apart in US

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Important to mention that this only includes 69 aircraft worldwide.


An aviation group I’m in on Facebook figured out there’s been 4 777s with similar uncontained engine failures. All were equipped with subtypes of the PW4000 series. The consensus was it seemed to be an issue with their hollow fan blades. Edit: The 4 777s weren’t necessarily the exact same model or airline, but all engines were PW4000-xxx models.


Ia this more cancel culture. Once you ban planes with engines that blow apart, you have entered a slippery slope. /s


Man Boeing just can’t catch a break.


United Airlines is the only carrier with the Pratt & Whitney engines mounted on the 777-200 in the US. All of them have been grounded by United prior to the FAA issuing the order. The ones in storage are not a threat since they are, by the definition of ‘storage’, not flying. Japan also has grounded the other remaining Pratt & Whitney engines so there is no reason to panic over this issue. The media made it sound like planes were falling out of the sky, which is what they do best! Cause panic! Engine failures, while rare, happen and the flight crew handled themselves in a professional manner and safely landed the plane back in Denver. Good job to the flight crew, ATC and all members of the ground crew who were present when the plane landed.