What did you learn too late in life?

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Not everyone is going to like you. I tried so hard to impresss people as a young adult


It’s just not that important. If you are stressed at work or with family or your own perfection, it just isn’t as important as you think it is. Calm down and enjoy life and don’t stress about what you can’t control. Obviously there are something’s that are important, but not important enough to lose your health over or to make you hate your life, unless it is your health, then it’s important. I guess what I am saying is calm down, relax, enjoy what you can and don’t let everything weight you down when you have absolutely no control over it. Applies to kids too.


It’s okay to get help when symptoms first start showing. For physical or mental health problems


1.) To just do things alone and not wait for someone to come with you 2.) if you have a problem, find the solution through books/YouTube 3.) you’re going to die, and after that it won’t matter if you were Abraham Lincoln or a bum on the street, so don’t let anything stop you from doing exactly what you want


That it’s ok to be wrong. When I was younger I refused to be wrong, I was one of those stupid people who kept arguing even after I was proven wrong. To be honest, I still have issues about being wrong, but I don’t argue my case beyond sanity anymore. I have also had a huge problem with being a beginner at anything. I didn’t want to try stuff I didn’t know I would be good at immediately. Edit: Clarifications.