WWII – Mad Jack – The Man Who Went Into Battle With A Longbow, A Sword, …

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>when German soldiers overthrew the SS and released the prisoners at the camp. Wait, what?


The fact that he actually got kills with his bow and it wasn’t just a gimmick.


This guy is a pro gamer and we’re all npcs. “World War II: Watch Me Win with Ancient Weapons Only!!!”


The guy is 100% r/nextfuckinglevel material.


There was another Englishman who apparently snuck in with the rangers at Pointe Du Hoc. He was nobility and apparently as our English guide put it, “a little bit touched in the head as many of the English upper class are.” At one point he claimed the Germans couldn’t hit anything and proceeded to do an exaggerated walking march down the beach as the Germans shot at him and missed. Finally one of them managed to knock the helmet off him and William Darby ordered his men to drag him back to cover before there was an international incident.