You wind up in hell after you die. When you arrive, Satan informs you that it’s just regular life but you have to pick a minor inconvenience to plague you for all eternity. What do you pick?

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First I am gonna ask that fucker what I picked last time.


My wallet always has too much money to close comfortably and is uncomfortable in my back pocket Edit: I never expected this kind of response to my comment. Thank you everyone for the upvotes, the awards, and the suggestions of looking for a new wallet and keeping it away from buttocks.


I keep getting random calls about my car insurance despite not owning a car. Edit: Just woke up and holy shit thanks for all of the upvotes and awards.


Once a week, at a random time I will step in a small bit of unseen water while wearing my socks.


The tag on the teabag always gets pulled into the cup.