A lawyer dies and appears in front of the golden gates of heaven…

He finds himself at the back of a long queue of Popes. Suddenly, St. Peter grabs him and takes him straight through the pearly gates. “I don’t understand” the lawyer said puzzled. “There’s hundreds of Popes waiting in line and you’ve let me in before them. Why?” “Sir,” said St. Peter. “We’ve had lots of Popes here. But, you are our FIRST lawyer.”

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Nice. good variation.


what do you call 5 million lawyers chained to a rock at the bottom of the ocean while great white sharks tear them to shreds and the water temperature preserves their organs so they experience the pain longer before finally suffocating and dying in the cold abyss?


Have there even been 100s of popes to live?? Ever?? And is everyone processed at the same time?? Or was there a huge pope battle before this guy died??


Unfashionable, I know, but most of the lawyers I’ve known (mainly UK solicitors) have been more ethical than the average person