Demands Grow for Texas to ‘Forgive All Utility Bills’ as Price Gouging by Energy Companies Sparks Outrage | “The people of Texas should not have to pay these outrageous bills. Exorbitant costs should not be passed on to consumers who are not responsible for poor planning by state officials.”

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Just to clarify, this isn’t poor planning, it’s intentionally deregulated and intentionally below recognized standards for the purpose of saving mone We need to stop giving these asshats so much room.


What? That’s awfully socialist sounding policy coming from the state of Texas? Did they not choose deregulation and to be off the national grid, themselves? So, something gets deregulated, it tanks/fails/breaks/etc. and now folks are asking for a bailout. Had this been California, I wonder what their tune would be?


It’s almost like their power grid should be regulated or something.


True to the GOP platform: capitalize gains, socialize losses. Whether people end up stuck with their bills (on the variable rate plans they selected in the “free market”) or the state pays the bills (spreading the cost to all taxpayers), the corporations still keep their profits. This system is fucked.


eh, the ones who voted republican got exactly what they asked for. Unregulated capitalism with no government sponsored programs and assistance. The market value of that energy skyrocketed and you chose to use it. By republican logic you wouldn’t have used that energy if you didn’t agree with the product and the price of it that a company offered you and therefore they didn’t screw you over at all. I’m not even whining about capitalism…it is just a system…but you know how it works and you vote against giving yourself a voice to regulate them. This is exactly what you voted for 100%. You have probably belittled somebody else who needed help for circumstances outside their immediate control.