ELI5: when you die from blood loss, do you feel like you are dying from not being able to breathe? Because your lungs are breathing but you’re not getting oxygen where it needs to go, would it feel something like suffocating?

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When you die from blood loss, you’d lose consciousness long before. The feeling that makes you gasp for air is *not* due to lack of oxygen: it is due to excess CO2. So even though you’d be lacking oxygen on a whole-body scale, your CO2 levels would theoretically be normal so you wouldn’t feel like you were suffocating. Most likely, you’d gradually drift into unconsciousness and black out as the brain gets less and less oxygen


800-273-8255 Just going to put this suicide prevention hotline number here juuuuuuusssstttt in case 🙂 Probably just a curious mind wondering, but my mom brain can’t help itself.


I nearly passed out after donating blood because I was dehydrated. My ears started to ring, my vision got blurry/delayed/streaky like I was drunk, my muscles got delayed and less coordinated, and my face felt hot. Sorta felt nauseous. Leaning back with a cold towel on my forehead and a big drink of water and sugar/salt helped. It was definitely disturbing and I was glad to have nurses handy to help me get comfortable and get my blood pressure up again.


I’ve actually been through this, and you would be unconscious before you died. However, the period up until you pass out – though short – is utterly terrifying.


The process of exsanguination (death from loss of blood) causes the heart rate to drastically increase in order to effectively pump what blood you have all over the body and most importantly to the brain. At some point, the amount of blood making it to the brain is not enough and you pass out. During this whole process, you become cold and dizzy because not enough blood is circulating around the body. You can feel extremely heavy/weak and, indeed, get short of breath with little feats of exertion.